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Features you can depend on

InFormally is a powerhouse of flexible features that help you to simplify and automate your processes.

Control the way you use your online forms

Increase admin efficiency with online forms designed to fit your processes and procedures:

Easy to use form builder

Cut your admin time and streamline the way you capture your data by building your own forms. The drag and drop form builder allows you to adapt template forms or easily design your own.

Use multiple field types, identify required fields, add repeatable sections and apply conditional logic to easily design or edit the forms you use everyday.

Simplify complex forms

Make data entry more manageable and less confusing for your users. InFormally allows you to break down complex or lengthy forms into multiple parts using tabbed pages or sections.

Say goodbye to adding the same fields or sections multiple times. Repeat any of the pages or sections in your form as many times as needed with the click of a button.

Choose how you collect data

Choose from over 20 field types, allowing you to easily collect a diverse range of data. Quickly input addresses, capture signatures, and upload files. Add text, numbers, checkboxes, radio buttons, star ratings, times, dates and more.

Keeping your online forms tidy is easy with divider and header fields; and setting auto incremental references allows easy access to any record.

Only show required form elements

Instantly set conditional logic parameters to determine whether certain form fields, sections or pages are visible in your online forms.

For example, if a section of your questionnaire is only relevant to laptop users. Simply add a question to the form to determine this and set the conditional logic to only show this section when the user confirms that they use a laptop.

Add relevant files to forms

Need to add an image or document to an online form? With the built in file manager it’s easy to upload files and create folders to organise them.

Easily add any uploaded image or file to your form or list. If you need to upload a picture when you’re on the go; with an internet connection, you can add it as soon as you’ve taken it. Great for audits, risk assessments and equipment maintenance.

Capture signatures online

Need someone to sign for an item? Need to show clear approvals? InFormally has you covered. Collect digital signatures in any of your online forms or documents.

Show clear ownership and accountability. Record who has completed a form (such as an audit or appraisal), or capture signed confirmation that someone has read and understood a document.

Create your own risk matrix

If you use risk matrices in your business, you will love the input matrix options. You have full control of the look and feel of each matrix you create, ensuring your records are consistent.

Use your existing terminology everyone knows in your matrix axis, select the colour of each cell, and determine the content of each cell by adding the required numbers or words.

Use our pre-built content

Reduce your admin time by accessing a continually growing library of pre-built form templates. Simply select the form template you need and adapt it to meet your own exact requirements.

Connect your inventories and re-use your generic reference lists and common risk matrices so your users always select from your approved data options.

Use lists for your inventories

Everyone uses inventories, whether it’s a list of your clients, chemicals, equipment, or suppliers. Replace cumbersome spreadsheets with easy to use inventories that can be used with your online forms.

Organise your inventories by selecting which data you want to store using fields for text, numbers, Boolean (yes / no), files, or data from other lists.

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Get more out of your data

Capturing your data in online forms is step one. Step two is to let InFormally use your data intelligently to keep employees informed, give you insights and allow you to make informed decisions.

Automate your workflows

You need to be confident that your team knows what is going on in your business and can make the right informed decisions.

Workflows in InFormally are quick to set up and even easier to use. Each workflow can automatically add tasks to the planner, request approval, trigger another form to be completed and send notifications.

Trigger smart notifications

When form data is recorded, your workflows can automatically send smart notifications to keep your team informed.

Include captured data in your email & SMS notifications and use specific conditions to trigger extra notifications or notify different people.

Gain insight with dashboards

See key insights when you log in to InFormally with your homepage dashboards. Set up widgets, add counters and show your important data.

Each dashboard you set up becomes home to all of your insights and form records. Best of all, all users automatically access the same dashboards so you know everyone sees the same information.

Design your output documents

For each online form you use, you can choose whether you use the system generated generic PDF output or create a more visually pleasing bespoke design that engages the reader.

Reuse your existing Microsoft Word forms with InFormally merge fields, and add your logo & brand colours to design the output document.

Compare data with matrix charts

Matrix charts allow you to quickly compare potentially complex data in the easiest visual way possible.

Use matrix charts to compare your team’s competencies, training needs, or to check who has read important documents. Make your data stand out by using colours that mean something to you.

Share and manage tasks

Bring your tasks, appointments and actions together with the built-in planner. Use workflows to automatically add planner items, add other items such as appointments and inform your team of any actions required of them.

Select statuses, colour code items, set items to private and decide to view only your own items or everyone’s shared planners for the bigger picture.

Want to see the InFormally online form builder?

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Manage user access to your system

InFormally gives you complete control of how your data is captured, used and analysed. With the advanced system settings you can manage you users with same level of control.

Create your own menu

Personalised company menus mean admin time is cut down. Get to your most frequently used forms and lists easily. All of your most essential data is always where you want it, when you want it. No wasted clicks. No aggravating searches.

Set up your own custom menu for all of your users, making InFormally easy to learn and easy to use.

Flexible roles & permissions

Give individual users their own roles and permissions or select from generic roles. Ensure confidential information stays confidential.

Ensure all users have the right access to the data they need. Control who can add, edit or delete data by setting permissions. Brought on new employees? Add an unlimited number of user accounts with no fuss.

Manage all of your locations

With InFormally you can record data for every location while giving you real-time insights from all your locations and allowing you to act immediately to prevent problems.

See the big picture clearly. You can add an unlimited number of locations. Include all of your locations in every form and know all of your data is stored in one central online location.

Your subdomain & branding

It’s the little things that help you gain user acceptance. Getting the look and feel right goes a long way towards achieving great user experience.

Display your logo prominently. Choose your own sub domain. Add an image and logo to your own dedicated login page. Alter system menu colours to match your brand. Make InFormally yours.

Your data security assured

Be sure that only you and your users can access to your online forms and data. We use latest security to protect your data from external threats.

InFormally utilises many of the security elements that banks do, such as having a 256 bit SSL certificate. InFormally also uses the excellent AWS platform for its fantastic uptime, speed and security performance.

Full subscription control

It’s important to know that you have control over your costs and can manage your subscription as your business grows.

Access your subscription and invoices at any time within your account. When your business changes, simply add extra items to your subscription or change how many users can access InFormally at any one time. You only pay for what you need!

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