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Join the community we’re building and have a say on how we develop InFormally Compliance Management Software for you and all of our users.

What you will get by joining our community during the pre-launch:

We know that joining the InFormally community during pre-launch may sound risky. It won’t be! We’ve spent countless hours undertaking our internal alpha and beta testing and we are confident everything works as intended.

However, you may try using the software functionality in ways we’ve been unable to predict. That’s where the pre-launch comes in, you get free access to the whole software and we get your invaluable feedback.

As a thank you for trying Informally during the pre-launch, here’s what you get:

Full access to all features

You’ll get access to all software features including the online form builder, workflows, notifications and much more!


2 x online training sessions

We will provide 2 online training sessions to you or 2 users of your choice for free. That way you will hit the ground running.

Worth £194 (RRP value)

FREE form setup

We’ll setup up to 20 of your forms including output design, conditional logic, workflows, notifications and dashboards.

Worth £1,497 (RRP value)

20% discount off first year

When we do start charging for InFormally, anyone who joined our community during the pre-launch will receive an exclusive discount.

Save £194 or more

Nine reasons why you should try the InFormally online form builder

Make your data easier to read.  Managing data doesn’t need to be complex. Break down your forms into manageable sections so that complex data is easier to digest.

Form freedom. With over 20 field types to choose from, you can custom design your form the way you want it with text, numbers, radio buttons, digital signatures and more.

Create tidy, easy to complete forms. Set up display conditions for your sections and pages so they are shown only when they are needed.

Ensure forms are filled in correctly. Confirm which fields are required and ensure the  information that your users input is valid.

Speed up design time. Often a single section will need to be repeated over and over again. Save on needless repetition, add repeating sections at the click of a button.

Control your form output design. No more ugly system printouts. Decide how your form looks when it is output to PDF, print or download so that it meets you exact needs.

Help your users. Reduce computer rage and incorrect data submission by adding help text. Give further instructions, information or examples in helpful little pop ups.

Add extra files to your forms. Sometimes you need to add an image to a form, or attach a document, or add an item from a list or inventory. You can do that too!

Decide what happens next. InFormally is more than an online form builder. Your forms aren’t static. Decide what happens AFTER your online forms have been completed by users. Find out more below.

More than simply online form builder software

With InFormally you get a full compliance management system that encompasses your online form builder, providing the functionality you need to use your data intelligently:

informally™ online form builder gives you automated workflows

Automated Workflows

Never miss a thing. Each form has its own workflow, allowing bespoke notifications, actions or tasks to trigger automatically upon submission of your form or set data.

informally™ online form builder comes with an integrated task planner

Task Planner

Take control of your job list. Avoid delays. Set statuses on tasks to tell others where you’re up to. Keep your teams and projects on track with one look at your shared planners.

informally™ online form builder comes with full system security

Create Your Own Menus

Bespoke menus means happy users as they never need to get lost again. Create your own logical menus that place everything your users need where they expect it to be. 

informally™ online form builder software provides intelligent analytics

Intelligent Notifications

Always communicate the right information. Create your bespoke notifications that include the data captured in your forms. Trigger the right notifications with conditional logic.

informally™ online form builder software has flexible user permissions

Flexible User Permissions

Avoid data protection breaches with flexible user management. Ensure everyone can see the right information by setting user permissions and managing locations.

informally™ online form builder comes with full system security

Full System Security

Keep your data safe. InFormally compliance management software utilises up to date security features to ensure that all of your data is safe from any external security threats.

informally™ online form builder provides data to your visual dashboards

Visual Dashboards

Access your most important information with custom visual dashboards. Add widgets to get real-time statistics from your data, view planner items, notifications and more.

informally™ online form builder is fully responsive

Responsive On All Devices

Capture data in the workplace or on the move. InFormally compliance management software can be used on any device with a modern browser and internet connection. 

informally™ online form builder comes with personalised branding for all clients

Personalised Branding

Make the system look like part of your business. InFormally gives you full control of how your online form builder looks with customisable branding  and dedicated subdomain.

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