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Where will you go with InFormally
compliance management software?

Our range of support services can get you there quickly and you can be assured you will get the right help:

Efficient setup support to get your account live

Worried that your business software setup will take up too much time and effort?

That’s where our team have you covered. Our support team is here to get your system set up as smoothly and as quickly as possible so you can get the most out of InFormally right from the start.

All you need to do is choose one of our setup solutions and we’ll be there to help you:

Bronze Setup Pack

Software strategy call
15 forms fully setup
2 hours of setup support
1 online training session

£725 + VAT

Silver Setup Pack

Software strategy call
30 forms fully setup
4 hours of setup support
1 online training session

£1,395 + VAT

Gold Setup Pack

Software strategy call
60 forms fully setup
6 hours of setup support
2 online training sessions

£2,495 + VAT

Platinum Setup Pack

Software strategy call
120 forms fully setup
8 hours of setup support
2 online training sessions

£4,725 + VAT

Here’s what we do for each form:

Understand your forms to recommend how you can get the most out of each form online

Add template forms to your account and edit their content to make them work for you

Create new forms in the software with any improvements we can suggest

Setup workflows for each form and add bespoke notifications to ensure the right people are notified

Setup your dashboards to easily see your performance & trends

Here’s what the setup support hours are used for:

Understand your business and recommend how to get the most out of InFormally

Setup your branding and sub domain to your requirements

Add users and locations to your account

Create your company wide menu to ensure all users can access what they need

Provide training to key people that use InFormally regularly

Form Design & Setup

Your forms are the foundations of your InFormally compliance management software. They ensure you can collect the right data, spot trends and gain invaluable insights.

When your day job is time consuming and you have limited time available our form setup service is here for you.

Our experts will create your forms for you from as little as £75 + VAT per form, making your life easier and cutting down set up time, allowing you to focus on your day job.

The team will review your original forms, suggest improvements and set up everything associated to your forms.

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Our form design & setup process 

Step 1 - Review Your Form

The team review your existing form and gain an understanding of how the form is currently being used


Step 2 - Discuss and Agree New Design

We discuss any potential changes or improvements with you and agree how to create your online form

Step 3 - Create Your Form

Each form is created within InFormally to the agreed specifications from Step 2

Step 4 - Form Output Design

The team designs the output document and ensures your data will be set out to your requirements

Step 5 - Create Your Workflows

Workflows are created to ensure your data is used fully and notifications are sent to the right people

Step 6 - Setup Dashboards

We setup the dashboards that provide you with useful insights & trends

Step 7 - Review & Go Live

When you are happy with everything, the new forms are made available to all users in your menu

User system training services for your new InFormally compliance management Software 

Everyone needs training to get the most out of processes, tasks or software. We have a wide range of how to guides and short videos in the knowledge base.

Our training services are available for you to listen to and watch how our system experts demonstrate using InFormally. Choose from 3 different training sessions to learn how to use the software from £75 + VAT per person.

Online Training

Grab a coffee and get a dedicated one to one training session in the comfort of your own workplace. One of our product experts will provide a full tour of InFormally and answer any questions.

Onsite Training

One of our product experts can come to your site and deliver training. Discover the powerful functionality InFormally offers with a full tour and get hands on to learn how to get the most out of it.

Open Training Sessions

We offer practical open training sessions at easily accessible locations in Preston and Warwick. Meet the support team, learn how the team can help you and really get to know how InFormally ticks.

Schedule a demo today

Arrange a demo with our team to get all of your InFormally compliance management software and service questions answered:

Dedicated Admin Support

We understand you’re a busy person and your time needs to be spent on important tasks.

The last thing on your mind will be managing users, updating forms or inputting data in to your business management software.

We can undertake these tasks within InFormally for you from £60 + VAT or with one of our dedicated support packs from £225 + VAT for 4 hours.

Manage Your Users

We can create and edit accounts, set permissions and make sure all users have the right access.

Change Your Forms

For any changes to your form questions, quickly add additional fields or make a field required.

Tweak Your Dashboards

We can change your existing charts or create new ones so you continue to get the right insights.

Input Your Data

Whenever you are short on time we can input data into any form or list in your account.

Update Workflows

When something changes in your business, we can ensure your workflow is always accurate.

Adjust General Settings

Adjust any settings in your system or update your brand settings to match your logo.

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